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Endocrine Interpretation Request Form


Endocrine Interpretation Request Form

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Our internal medicine service now is offering endocrine diagnostic interpretation. We hope this additional service provided by Dr. Murray and Dr. Palermo will enhance your ability to provide ​the best for your client’s pets.

VSES requires submission of the online Endocrine Interpretation Request Form ​to provide relevant patient information and to attach results ​to be interpreted. You will receive a report that will include the interpretation ​and, if pertinent, suggestions for additional diagnostics, treatment options, and how to proceed with long-term support.

The consult fee will be $68.75 for the initial interpretation and $34.38 for any subsequent test interpretations of the same request type. You will receive the invoice in the mail once the report of interpretation is completed.

Please complete this form so that we can assess clinical signs and concerns along with test results.