If your pet is experiencing an emergency, call us at (585) 424-1277.

Between the hours of 10p-6a, contact Vet Triage, and their veterinary staff will assist owners in finding an appropriate location to take their pets if deemed ​necessary.

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Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services Welcomes Our Clients


Improving Partnerships, Elevating Pet Care

Our referring veterinarians from around the region are important partners in the care of our mutual patients. The VSES team is dedicated to creating a positive, successful partnership with area veterinarians and elevating the care of companion animals to the level of human medicine. We have simplified the process, making it fast and easy to refer a patient to VSES, and have streamlined the process of communication so you can easily monitor your patient’s testing, treatment, and progress.


Our referral portal is undergoing an upgrade and is currently unavailable. If you need access to a past referral form, please send a request vsesrochester.info@pathwayvets.com. You can also fill out our online referral forms here.



What to Expect

Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Services would first like to thank you for referring and entrusting us with your patients. To ensure our doctors are able to provide the best care for your patients during a new consultation appointment we require a completed referral form and previous 6-12 months of medical records including all diagnostics pertaining to the concern at least 72 hours prior to the appointment. This is outlined in our CSR referral request letter we send when your client has scheduled a new consultation appointment with VSES. Our referral coordinator will notify both you and our mutual client the referral has not been received within 72 hours of the appointment. If we have not received the information within 48 hours of the appointment, we will be contacting the client to reschedule.

We encourage you to send over the completed referral form and full medical records pertaining to the reason for the referral immediately upon referring your client/patient, as we are actively calling off our waiting lists and doing our best to see cases as soon as possible. Our coordinators will do their best to ensure an updated CSR referral request letter is sent to your office when we move an appointment to an earlier date. An update on our specialty services’ current scheduling process:

Internal Medicine

Currently scheduling approximately two weeks out. Clients can call and set up an appointment without a referral having been received by us. We will then send you a referral request letter.


Currently scheduling into February. Clients can call and set up an appointment without a referral having been received by us. We will send you a referral request letter. Any client or referring doctor that has concerns regarding the timing of an appointment is placed on our waiting list, the surgeons review referrals and records once received, and we actively seek to move up cases based on urgency.

Outpatient Imaging (US, CT, MRI)

Scheduling out approximately two days. A coordinator will review referral once received, contact client to schedule and will provide an estimate. If a client calls prior to referral being received, we will send you a referral request letter.


Scheduling out approximately 1-2 months. A coordinator will review referral once received and contact client ONLY once the schedule becomes available. This is a part time service, if a client calls, they will automatically be placed on our waiting list, and not called back until it is time to schedule. We will send you a referral request letter if needed.

If you require a STAT consult or to transfer a patient for emergency care, please call VSES at (585) 424-1277 to speak directly with the appropriate specialty care coordinator or Emergency clinician.