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Veterinary Internship Program at VSES

A challenging, exciting training program.

Veterinary Internship Program

If you are looking for a challenging, exciting training program with an opportunity for both personal and professional growth, your search has ended! Our program provides an outstanding opportunity for eight motivated veterinarians to gain exposure to complex referral cases, emergency and critical care medicine, and high-quality general practice through the VIRMP program. Your experience will provide you with exposure to cases and learning experiences equivalent to three years of private practice work.

These educational opportunities, combined with your broad clinical exposure, are designed to prepare you for application to a residency in your field of interest or a fast-paced, advanced private practice or an emergency hospital. We seek enthusiastic, self-motivated post-doctoral candidates interested in advancing their education, case management, critical thinking, and leadership skills in a team-oriented environment. Many of our candidates have stayed within our network of hospitals, which we believe is a testament to the high regard in which our group of practices is held.

Emergency & Specialty Rotation
Post-doctoral candidates will rotate through internal medicine, surgery, and radiology services under board-certified specialists’ direct supervision. They will also rotate through emergency and have exposure to dermatology, neurology, and ophthalmology on a limited basis. Other rotations may be available on-site as new staff is added and/or off-site (externships), depending on your areas of interest and our ability to foster such a program. As your skills and knowledge base improve, your responsibilities will increase. Emergency/critical care rotations are divided into day and over-night shifts. During this rotation, you will have primary case responsibility with direct mentorship from an attending staff doctor. Approximately one-third of your program will be spent on emergency services.
General Practice Rotation

The general practice portion of our program is divided between one of our general practices and Rochester Community Animal Clinic (RCAC). Rotations at these hospitals provide experience in wellness care, elective and general surgery, dentistry, and problem exams under experienced general practitioners’ supervision.

During the general practice rotation, you will also be spending time at RCAC. This practice setting will give you the opportunity to observe and participate in a low-income, high-volume spay/neuter clinic.

Educational Requirements
To complete your educational opportunities, you will be expected to attend and actively participate in daily rounds, including case-based rounds, journal club, and didactic rounds. As time permits, you are encouraged to attend continuing education lectures sponsored by local and regional organizations and attend one national CE conference. Candidates are required to present one formal seminar.
Commitment to Teaching, Mentoring and Continuing Education
The Veterinary Internship Program with VSES, AHOP, and RCAC is a collaborative effort that began in 1987 to provide exposure to complex referral cases, emergency and critical care medicine, high-volume surgical procedures, outpatient wellness, urgent care, as well as a high-quality general practice. Since its inception, we have had over 100 individuals successfully complete our program. We have an excellent record of placing motivated interns into residencies across the country. We have matched candidates into residencies in dentistry, internal medicine, surgery, emergency/critical care medicine, ophthalmology, oncology, zoological medicine, anatomic pathology, lab animal medicine, neurology, dermatology, radiology, cardiology, and clinical pathology.