If your pet is experiencing an emergency, call us at (585) 424-1277.

Between the hours of 10p-6a, contact Vet Triage, and their veterinary staff will assist owners in finding an appropriate location to take their pets if deemed ​necessary.


Veterinary Specialists Dedicated to Extraordinary Pet Care

A seamless approach to companion animal care!

The VSES Veterinary Specialists team collaborates with primary care veterinarians and pet owners for a seamless approach to companion animal care. A referral to one of VSES’ specialists means a partnership of the finest minds available, dedicated to optimum healthcare for your pets.

We support the veterinary community with:

  • Advanced diagnostics and technology for comprehensive evaluation
  • The most current treatment options across a variety of medical specialties
  • An exceptional team of board-certified veterinarians
  • Qualified and experienced support staff
  • A modern, well-equipped facility designed to meet the needs of advanced specialty care

In order to be called a specialist in a specific discipline, a veterinarian must first complete many years of additional training, with an internship and residency at an accredited institution. Diplomate status is obtained by veterinarians who have successfully passed rigorous specialty boards following the completion of their residency program. Our specialty practitioners are recognized by the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialists and offer exceptional veterinary service.

How It Works

We offer veterinary specialty services in the following disciplines:

Internal Medicine

The internal medicine service at VSES provides high-quality care, comprehensive treatment, and superior support for veterinary patients with complex illnesses and chronic diseases. Our internists work closely with your primary veterinarian for ongoing care and management of your pet. Read more here.

Critical Care

The critical care team at VSES has the advanced training, experience, and expertise needed to treat the most complex diseases and injuries. A critical care specialist’s job often involves initially stabilizing emergency patients upon arrival to our hospital. When it is determined what further advanced care is necessary, the critical care doctor then continues to work closely with our other hospital clinicians to ensure the best ongoing monitoring and care. Patients requiring a criticalist may have severe respiratory disease, altered cardiovascular status (including severe hypertension [high blood pressure], hypotension [low blood pressure], or an abnormal heart rhythm. Patients with severe, acute organ failure may also require intervention by a criticalist. Read more here.

Diagnostic Imaging

The diagnostic imaging service at VSES offers advanced training, modern equipment, and extensive experience to help diagnose a wide variety of veterinary conditions. Read more here.

Veterinary Surgery

The surgery team at VSES offers the training, equipment, and expertise to treat even the most complex surgical conditions. Our surgeons embrace the most current knowledge and advanced techniques to provide your pets with the finest surgical experience in the region. Our team of board-certified veterinary surgeons provides complete patient care, from pre-op to discharge. Our continuity of care is second to none. Read more here.


The ophthalmology department at VSES has the training, equipment, and expertise to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions related to the function and structure of the eyes. We are dedicated to providing extraordinary care for animals with eye disorders, enhancing quality of life by improving vision, and relieving discomfort from painful eye diseases.

As the only board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist in the greater Rochester area, VSES offers the highest level of eye care without the need for added travel. Read more here.