If your pet is experiencing an emergency, call us at (585) 424-1277.

Between the hours of 10p-6a, contact Vet Triage, and their veterinary staff will assist owners in finding an appropriate location to take their pets if deemed ​necessary.

Veterinary Services & Emergency Services

Here when you need them!

Meeting Your Needs

Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services offers progressive, comprehensive services designed to complement the primary veterinary care available for your pets.

Pet Owners Deserve More

The team at VSES provides resources to pet owners for comfort, education, and support.

  • Payment Options
    Enjoy customized financing for manageable, high-quality pet care.
  • Resources
    Your entire family can learn more about caring for your dogs and cats.
  • Community Resources
    Rochester Hope for Pets & Rochester Community Animal Clinic – Improving the lives of pets in our community.

From our personal care and guidance, to our flexible payment options, everything we do is intended to strengthen the human-animal bond.


What to Expect


Upon your arrival at the clinic, please come into lobby and check-in at the front desk.


For your convenience, we are still offering curbside services upon request. Upon arrival, park in a numbered parking spot, remain in your vehicle, and text (585)424-1276 to check in.

A team member will discuss all your needs and concerns. (By phone if curbside.)
Once our medical staff take your pet into our treatment area for triage and the admission form has been completed, we will ask emergency clients to leave as we are not allowing clients to wait in the building.
Due to high case volume, it may take the doctor some time to complete a thorough exam after your pet is triaged. The doctor will call you on your cell phone to review the treatment plan and estimate cost.
If you agree to the plan, it may take several additional hours for your pet to be treated. We will call you once our pet is ready to go home.
Payments: We are disinfecting as much as possible. Please use the card when possible. We accept all major credit cards, Care Credit and Scratch Pay.

Wait Times Explained

We appreciate your patience. We do our best to take care of every pet’s needs that come through our doors. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your pet.


Triage System

A medical team member will perform a quick assessment of your pet that includes temperature, pulse, and respiration to help prioritize which cases need to be seen first. The arrival of a critically ill or injured pet may require medical staff to begin life-saving interventions immediately, which can lead to a longer wait for you. You and your pet’s health are very important to us. If your pet’s condition declines at any time during your wait, please notify one of our team members so we can reassess.

Peak Wait Times

There are periods of time which tend to be busier than others, including nights and weekends, but that can be difficult to predict. We never know what pet will be in need or when, but we do our best to see all cases in a timely manner.

Behind The Scenes

While we are managing new arrivals, we are also providing care to our hospitalized patients. At times, patients within the hospital are in critical need and may require multiple staff members to immediately provide supportive care.


We see owners as being an integral part of the health care team and take your questions and concerns very seriously. We will be happy to answer questions you may have regarding your pet; however, there may be a delay in our ability to respond immediately. Our doctors take great consideration and time to care for patients or provide owners with necessary updates on their pet’s condition.


Unexpected illnesses or conditions may arise for our incoming patients or those that are currently hospitalized. In some cases, this may affect the wait times for those in the waiting room as well, even after you have been given an estimated time frame to be seen.


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